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Sahar El-Nadi

Creativity as a tool for mass education and social transformation

Sahar El-Nadi is an Egyptian independent writer and consultant on creative communication and cross-cultural issues. She has lectured about the Egyptian revolution at some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Sahar El-Nadi is an Author, Instructor and a Social Media Activist. She is focused on effective and creative communication to raise awareness, to improve behavior, and to advocate tolerance, integration, inclusion and respect for diversity. She has created two award-winning cultural communication projects online in 1998 and 2006. Sahar is now Director of Dont Hate, Educate.

Sahar El-Nadi speaks and write on the following topics:

1. Social media: as a tool for awareness, creating and sustaining change, creating global impact, aiding democratic transformation in the Arab Spring. Sahar was among the early adopters in the Middle East, her internet account is among the first 200 in Egypt.

2. Diversity & Tolerance: intercultural dialogue and creative cross-cultural communication, integration & inclusion, Muslim-West relations. Sahar has two award-winning projects using creative communication to connect people across cultures.

3. Leadership & Change: Arab Spring, women in politics, women empowerment, youth inspiration for personal success and for creating change. Sahar attended Tahrir Square, documented it in pictures and videos, and continue to observe, study and comment on the evolution of the democratization process in Egypt.

4. Sahars book Sandcastles & Snowmen describing how her personal search for spirituality lead her to learn to use the skill of Spiritual Intelligence to improve her life and to expand her outlook on many global topics such as politics, gender, faith, business and world peace, and to choose to be a mediator of peace and connecting cultures. The book is a good tool of educators, media professionals and politicians/activists trying to promote understanding.

Her previous lectures in Sweden include:
– Keynote Guldgalan (1200 audience)
– Closing keynote Media Evolution Conference (1000 audience)
– Keynote Swedish Royal Palace (250 audience including H.M.)
– Keynote Leimdorfer 20th Anniversary (100 audience)
– Guest speaker Sandvik (120 audience)

Sahar has traveled to over 25 countries worldwide, spoke at such venues as Harvard University, the Swedish Royal Palace and many international conferences, universities, and NGOs in the US, EU and ME. She has been featured on the covers of magazines as a women leadership model.

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