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Rasmus Ankersen

Rasmus Ankersen is a bestselling author, motivational speaker and advisor for world class athletes and businesses around the world.
Why are 137 of the worlds 500 best female golfers from South Korea? How has one tennis club in Moscow managed to develop more top tennis players in ten years than the whole of the United States? For six intense months Rasmus Ankersen has been travelling around the world visiting gold mines. He has talked, trained and lived with the world’s best athletes and coaches to crack the code – and he is very confident that he has succeeded. The secret is “The Gold Mine Effect”.

Rasmus is brutally honest about what it takes to create world class performance and how organizations, teams and companies can adopt the secrets from the gold mines. No crap, no empty theories. Only first hand impressions from the world’s best.
Rasmus Ankersen has already written three bestsellers. The first book “The DNA of a winner”, uncovered the psychological characteristics behind 25 Olympic and world championship winners. His follow-up, “A Leader’s DNA”, examined the minds of 25 top executives and leaders. And in his third book “Raising a Winner” he is trying to crack the talent code.
He dreamed about becoming a professional football player but at age 18 a serious knee injury forced him to quit. He has worked as mental coach for the Danish national youth teams and he was head coach of FC Midtjylland’s youth football academy at age 22. Rasmus Ankersen is one of Denmark’s leading motivational speakers, offering a fresh and dynamic approach to a wide range of businesses and organizations.

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