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Mark Eyskens

Dr. Mark Eyskens is the former Prime Minister of Belgium, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and carries title of Minister of State.

He has held a number of other mandates throughout his political career, and has continuously been a member of the Belgian parliament between 1977 and 2003. In addition to his political engagement, Dr. Eyskens has been Professor of Economy at the University of Leuven (KUL) and was a member of the Club of Rome. He has published extensively on a broad variety of issues and is frequently consulted as a political commentator.

Dr. Eyskens is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Global Panel Foundation and a member of the Advisory Board of the Itinera Institute think-tank. He is a member of the European Commission’s Competitiveness Advisory Group, and President of the Institute for European Policy at KU Leuven. Furthermore, he is board member of the University Foundation and President of the Royal Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts.

Curriculum vitae

Mark Eyskens. Doctor Law (PHD); doctor Economics, Bachelor Philosophy (Catholic University of Louvain); Master of Arts Economics, Columbia University New York, 1957. Lieutenant Belgian Army (reserv.)Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, Faculty of economic and applied economic sciences.

– Member of the Belgian Governement 1976-1992, as Minister of coop¬eration and develope¬ment, Minister of Finance (twice), Minister of Economic Affairs, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.
– President of the European council of Ministers (of the budget in 1978 and of Finance in 1987) of the European Communi¬ty. President of the council of UEO (1990)
– Governor of the International Monetary Fund and the World-
bank (1985-88).
– Chairman of a fact finding mission to Georgia on behalf of the OSCE in 1992.
– Member of Parliamant since 1977 – 2003; member of the comittees for foreign affairs and finance.
– Member of the Council of Europe (since 1995). Vice-presi¬dent of the assembly of the WEO (since 1995)
– Member and president of the Royal Academy of Lettres, sciences and fine arts. Member of the Academia Europeana. Chairman of the Christian Academy for European dialogue.
– President of the Center for European Culture.
– President of the Institute for European Policy (KULeuven).
– Vice President of the ‘Grandes Conférences catholiques’.
– President of the board of the Francqui Foundation
– Vice President of the Belgian friends of the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.
– Trustee of International House New York
– Member or chairman of several scientific jury’s and com¬- mittee’s
– Member of the international crisis group Washington-London.
– President of PAEurope

Published 54 books and hundreds of articles in Dutch, and French, with an econo¬mic, political or philosophical con¬tent; alo a few novels and poetry.
Awarded several scientific and litter¬ary prizes i.a. Scriptores Christiani Prize , J.M. Huyghe Prize, Europe-Benelux Prize, Prize of the French Academy of Arts, sciences and letters)
– Member of the board of several companies
– Special intrest: painting, music, litterature

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